24/7 live customer support & wireless monitoring

If you were to offer the iFOD automated gourmet vending system at your location, you would Demand the utmost in quality, healthy selection and dependability. You would also Demand timely and consistent maintenance where any and all issues are nipped in the bud. The iFOD service team monitors each machine remotely 24/7, guaranteeing that our equipment is fully supplied with the products you have Demanded and any major issues are anticipated and avoided.

IFOD multi-million dollar insurance policy with each client added as an additionally insured party will guarantee protection at each site. Our client specific web-based access offers complete transparency into each machine’s service schedule, products offered and pricing, allowing full control and On Demand customization.

We believe that we must ensure a seamless automated service, provide the widest array of premium product selections customized to our clients’ needs, and make their transactions as effortless as possible. This belief forms the foundation for the solid relationship between us and our clients.