Look to IFOD for the most versatile, energy efficient vending machines available in NYC and beyond.

From temperature controls to touch screens, our machines deliver innovation and ease of use.

Energy Efficient Vending Machines for NYC and elsewhere

We offer a number of energy-saving features, including:

  • Standard, chilled or dual-zone temperature options
  • Multiple compact sizes
  • Integrated eco-friendly, power-conservative refrigeration
  • LED lighting equipped with motion activated energy-saving technology

Information-Packed Touchscreen Interfaces

IFOD’s stainless steel and glass vending machines feature intuitive, full-color touchscreen user interfaces that allow customers to select any number of items and add them to an onscreen “shopping cart.” Nutritional facts are displayed on the 7” touchscreen, giving customers information about which products are gluten free, low calorie, vegetarian or organic prior to purchase. The entire platform is ADA (Americans with Disabilities) compliant.

Convenient Cash and Cashless Vending Payments

Users have multiple payment options, including cash, cashless or ePayment (Apple Pay or Google Wallet), along with employee or student meal cards.

Remotely Monitoring for Potential Problems

IFOD uses the latest remote monitoring technology to ensure that when a problem occurs, it gets fixed fast. Each energy efficient vending machine we install in NYC and beyond is equipped with controls that report full error messages, coin jams, and sales figures.

Customized Vending Machines for Your Business

Each of our machines can be customized and designed to fit your specific product, brand, image, location or event. Whatever environment you’re looking to create, IFOD can provide the solution.

Get your energy efficient vending machines for NYC and beyond today!